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Company Shop

If you are need to sell one product for a given time frame or multiple products indefinitely, we can help you by setting up an ongoing Company Store.

Perfect for:

*Corporate Gifts: select branded executive gifts that will strengthen client relationships

*Employee recognition: celebrate employee milestones or a job well done with a gifting program

* Ongoing merchandise needs: offer a set of pre-approved products for multiple departments or locations

We can customize your corporate web store with quality merchandise unique to the needs of your organization.

Company shops use real-time inventory to ensure that you alway have the products you need, and allow for budget control. They are great for offering products to a single company that can be pre-selected, produced, and shipped to various locations.

Companies love this model because they can retain complete control over the brand and the products that are offered.

Pop-Up Shop

If you need to order apparel or products but don’t want the hassle of inventory or overhead, we can help you by setting up a Pop-Up Shop.

Perfect for:

* Employee apparel programs: employees select their sizes and the orders are placed into one easy-to-produce sales order

* Employee appreciation: allow employees to select the gift item they want and then produce the order

* Camp programs: campers select their items so they are ready for their arrival

* Sports programs or spirit gear: students, athletes, and fans select their items so that they are ready for the season

You’ll receive a full breakdown of who ordered what, making it easy to distribute products and track your shopper’s purchases. Your shoppers also receive an email notification once their order is placed.

Pop-up shops allow you to collect sizes, colors, and any other information you need from your shoppers before you place a bulk order.

You also have the opportunity to make a profit off your online store and collect credit card payment before submitting your bulk order.