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Studio Variously FLO Merino Throw/ Blanket

FLO throw / blanket luxuriously combines heritage value & high quality craftsmanship. A perfect gift or personal purchase, FLO is a timeless classic throw / blanket that will complement your personal or living spaces and also support artisan communities ethically.

This plush textile's design is a modern take on combining shape and fine detailing of hand embroidery handcrafted meticulously on a handloom textile. Large square in shape, each piece is 100% handmade making it a unique sustainable throw which is both classic and minimal modern in its appeal. Hand embroidered pattern is textured on one side and subtle on the reverse side as well , making this throw or blanket reversible to arrange and use.

Size: 53" x 53 " ( 135 cm by 135 cm ) ( large square in size )
Material: 100% soft merino from Australia with hand embroidery.
Colors: Soft brown base with black embroidery.

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